Are you a sexually active couple? Then you’ll absolutely and constantly need love essentials such as lubes, condoms, sex toys, etc. To avoid unwanted pregnancies and STD’s.

Though there are hundreds of methods and options available to prevent STD’s and illegitimate offspring’s, condoms have always been the dominating option when it comes to a healthy and safe sex.

Condoms were invented sometime around 1660 – 1685 by an army doctor named Colonel Condom, he made them using cecum from sheep’s and goats.

Then later in the 1930’s liquid latex condoms were introduced to the people. In the 1960’s polyurethane condoms came into the spotlight.

However, latex condoms have a much more strength and durability and are widely preferred by people over any other material. The simplicity to wear and remove with complete safety that it provides makes it the most likeable and easiest option to enjoy a great and safe sex.

The other reason why women mostly avoid taking oral pills and prefer to use a condom instead is that longer use of these medications leads to unwanted weight gain and other health problems.

But also with great quality comes great variety of options. Knowing the right one depends entirely on how the body and skin reacts and of course your style and taste.

We have options in condoms such as: flavored, non-flavored, latex, non-latex, normal, thin, ultra-thin, ribbed, textured, dotted, spikes, large, small, and invisible, lubricated and so much more.

These natural latex condoms allows sensitive orgasm sex without any worries of conception.

Why should you buy love essentials and condoms online?

Well, the purpose of buying a condom and is pretty obvious. Nowadays almost every next store has options available, but still a lot of people feel uncomfortable buying them in person.

Especially it’s a nightmare if you live in a conservative society. People will brand you as immoral or a player. Thanks to our modern age, everything can now be bought online with complete safety.

No more judgy eyes and embarrassments to deal with, you can choose whatever design, size and flavor you want. And we will deliver to your door step in a discreet shipment box.

So that even if somebody saw it, they won’t be able to guess about the inside contents of the package are.

As we all know that sometimes condoms can be a bit of an emergency.So, save your time by keeping a few pairs handy. Explore your options through our product detail pages, you’ll find the one just for you.

Temporary Tattoos

Have you ever considered getting a tattoo but realized you can’t commit to something for that long? Our shops allows you to have a temporary tattoo to show off your style and charisma.

Tattoos are much more meaningful than just the design and ink. Behind almost every tattoo there is a touchy story, this is your opportunity to add that splash of fun and excitement into your life.

We offer everything ranging from bold, fox, lion and animals face tattoos to simple and cute long lasting waterproof body art and unicorn tattoos for girls.

You can choose from our vast collection of different types of patterns, designs and prints. We also have options available for you in metallic tattoos, glitter tattoos, glow in dark tattoos and good old’ classics plain prints.

With these ultra-realistic tattoos you can show off your personality and bazzaz while still experimenting and switching up the art work.

It is also a better option for someone wanting a permanent tattoo. Experimenting and trying different designs and styles before committing for a permanent one is a much better option. To get a view of how it will turn out on your arm or leg, etc.

Just adding this little piece of art work in your evening look will make you stand out completely from the crowd.

Live boldly, be fearless, reinvent yourself, life is too short to spend being afraid. Our tattoo collection will fit perfectly with every look for all different types of events and celebrations.

The best part about a temporary tattoo is that, you can change it up according to your mood and completely redesign your entire look.

Sex Toy Storage Pouches and Bags

Regular cleaning and proper storage are the key factors to preserve your sex toys for the long run. And most of all a proper storage bag keeps them safe from those prying eyes.

These storage pouches and bags are the best solution to hide your sex products. Just pop them in and hide them in your favorite hiding spot.

It is also the best way to keep your products organized. We have all the top-notch options for storing vibrators and dildos and other sex products in a portable pouch.

These pouches and bags are relatively small and simple so that they don’t draw much attention. It is perfect for parents with small kids or people with roommates.

All of our sex products and love essentials are of a much better quality and bigger better designs and patterns.

Sex Toy Cleaners and dusting powders

Cleaning your sex products after every use is a vital. And most important step to take to store your products safely and hygienically.

We offer antibacterial sex toy cleaners in many different options. Alcohol free cleaners, disinfectant cleaners, water soluble cleaning sprays and universal cleaners.

Look through the user manual of your sex product to know which type of cleaner is suitable for your toy.

However, if you can’t get the manual and have no idea about the types. Always go for the universal cleaners as they are suitable for almost every sex toy.

After you’re done cleaning, dusting your sex toy with a mild talcum powder is a must. To preserve the shine and smoothness of the product. We offer various options in talcum powders to keep your masturbators clean and hygienic.

Sex Lubricants, Gels and love essentials

Using lubes during sex is very important, especially for those who naturally have a dry vagina. It’s not always like what you see in your favorite TV shows and movies, in reality having sex is messy and kinda awkward.

There are a lot of options for you, you can even get lubricated condoms in our shop if that’s what you prefer, but in some cases your partner might have trouble staying wet during a longer session, using a lube avoids intense friction, irritation and discomfort.

You’ll be surprised how far and intensely you can enjoy sex with just a regular lube, it enhances the pleasure and makes the surface much slippery for an intense orgasm.

At gflashy you can get odorless lubes, moisturizing gels, water based lubes, massage oils, non-toxic lubes, non-greasy oils, silk touch water soluble lubes, massage creams, medicated lubes for anal penetration, flavored lubes, penis enhancement massage creams, flavored gels and much more.

Keeping a lube handy is a preventative measure to avoid soreness after sex due to intense friction.

On the contrary there are a lot of advantages of using a personal lube. Basically it all comes down to just four types of lubes. Water based, gels, creams and oil based.

It all just depends on which type of lubricant you prefer and which one gives you the most pleasure. Try out different types and explore your options from our abundant collection of sex lubes.

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