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Chastity and Gags


Get Her Super Aroused And Control Her Completely

Chastity cages gives more control to the dominant partner during the bondage sex. So many people were aroused by the idea of being in somebody else's possession. A chastity cage avoids the wearer from having sexual intercourse. Therefore resisting them from this temptation. It arouses the wearers sexual drive to the pinnacle until finally you penetrate deep inside her to give her the orgasm of her life. Arousing her with foreplay and then denying your submissive her ultimate pleasure will give you absolute control over them. It gives the perfect feeling of being under someone possession. While also satisfying the dominant partner by feeling in absolute control.

What are chastity gags?

A gag is a mouth restraint usually used in bondage sex for foreplay and flirting purposes. The basic design of a mouth gag is a leather belt with buckles and a ball at the center to restraint the submissive from closing their mouth. But as with all sex products and toys, there are always many different types and patterns available for each. We have mouth gags with rubber rings, leather gags with steel restraints. Dog bone shaped restraints, cloth gags with balls and so many more amazing options available for you.

Want to go more intense in your bondage session? Try out our open mouth leather gags with funnel for her to enjoy your cum.

Chastity Cage/belts available for both men and women

Just like women, men are also willing to try new and exciting things in bedroom which has led to the innovation of chastity and gags for men. Men also like to insert a dildo in their anal openings for foreplay. A chastity belt for men does not allows a male to masturbate or indulge in any sort of sexual activities. The male chastity cage design is somewhat similar to what of a female chastity, this one just locks the male wearers penis out. The sole purpose of these belts are to increase the wearers pleasure during intercourse. After years of marriage, or couples who like trying bold and adventurous sexual intercourse, these chastity belts will be your perfect companion.

Chastity Cage For Men 

Male chastity belt hinders a male's sexual tendencies while also hindering a man from getting an optimum stance from erection. These leather chastity cage/ belts allows your women to play and tease with you without even involving the male organ. For women who love to be in control, these belts are the perfect way to make your man do whatever you want him to. Restraining him in these belts will allow you the complete power as you hold the key to his satisfaction.

Female Chastity Cage

Chastity belts for females are made of genuine high quality leather material. They are soft and gentle on the skin. These cages/belts are super easy to use just like a normal belt with buckles. The belts features anal plugs to give that perfect feeling of being in someone's pride. It's a really good and effective way to start a bondage session. Anal inserts provides a sensory touch deep within.

Best Genuine Sex Toys Only At Gflashy

We know how hard it can be to fulfill your wild fetish. Not many people are comfortable buying sex toys offline in stores. Most of the time, there aren't many options available. We know exactly how it feels to have crazy sex fantasies that involves sex toys like chastity cage and gags. Turning your sex fantasies into reality is not an easy task, let alone finding the right equipment for it. We thrive to provide the best quality, genuine sex products to our customers with a unique large range of sex toys available for beginners, individuals with experience and also for active users. These gags and cages are a great way of building trust and loyalty in a relationship. While also bringing back the lost spark and flame. Completely change the way you have sex and let power and control take your body over. Order one today!!!

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