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Nipple Stimulator


Nipple Suckers And Vibrators

Most people think that the only way to make a women orgasm is through her genitals. Well that's not so true. Our body is made of nerves which senses these emotions and touches that happen to our body. And there are certain erogenous zones in our body that when stimulated correctly shoots the same amount of fireworks in the body, when you stimulate your genitals. Therefore, being entirely made of sensitive nerves, stimulating your nipples sparks the same genital sensory cortex in your brain. The sensory cortex in our brain is what makes us feel these senses. So it is totally possible to make a women orgasm without even touching her genitals. But as with everything else, there are always new inventions and new ways to make doing things better. That's where out nipple stimulator and nipple suckers comes in.

What are nipple stimulator? What are they made of?

Nipple stimulators are small handy silicone vibrating and non vibrating sex toys that stimulates a persons nipples to allow their body to have a pleasantly satisfying orgasm.

Nipple stimulator and nipple clamps are slightly different than other sex toys. Different types of stimulators give different sensations. For example, a silicone vibrating nipple sucker will give you a much more enhanced stimulation than a normal silicone pump. Nipple clamps that are made with handles or a handy vibration machine and generally made of a metal body covered with silicone or thermoplastic material to protect the skin. These nipple stimulator have a suction tip at the top that allows to suck a persons nipple to enhance their sensitive nerves and give them a nice sexual arousal. With nipple clamps, almost all nipple clamps are adjustable, made of silicone and are attached through one chain. Deciding which sex toy to choose is completely dependent on the user and their choice.

Can men use these nipple suckers? 

Absolutely!!! Just like women, men can also have amazing , pleasing orgasms with these nipple toys. The secret of these sex toys lies in technique and comfort. Talk to your partner and try different techniques to take your men on an adventurous ride by making them orgasm in an absolutely different way. Stimulating nipples are very similar to stimulating your genitals. You can use these techniques during masturbation and also with a partner. Follow the tips below and your partner will love you more for giving them the most amazing orgasm.

Amazing nipple stimulator user tips and techniques

Start slow and take deep breaths. Also dont just focus on the nipples, explore other erogenous zones of your body. However nipples are the most sensitive parts of a human body so it is easier to stimulate a person using better techniques.

Use light touch and circular motions. Start by stroking your hands on the belly and moving slightly upwards, don't touch the nipples yet, let the tension build in first.

You can also use warm oil, ice, nipple stimulator sex toys or gentle breathing on your partner to build up more anticipation before you get on with the actual part.

Once you or your partner are fully aroused gently massage and squeeze on the areola. Remember, we still haven't touched the nipples yet. By the time you get to the point where you finally touch your partners nipples. They should be completely erect and super sensitive.

Once you get to that point, pinching on them will give that sensation rush in your partners body which will be super pleasing and satisfying. Play around and squeeze, massage and pinch harder each time on the nipples. The harder the pinch, the better it arouses the person. 

When you have your partner fully aroused and ready to orgasm, use other sensual sensations like rubbing, biting, massaging [Use nipple stimulators/clamps], pinching and let your hand wander. All these will allow the orgasmic waves in the body to come in with full force.

Get them to the point of getting an orgasm and just at the moment pull back, and then repeat. This allows the orgasmic wave in the body to build and build until its ready to come in with full force and energy giving the person the most satisfying orgasm.

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