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Female Sex Toys


Female Sex Toys-

Female Sex Toys has nowadays gained huge popularity. Gone are the days when women masturbating was considered stealth. Now, with just a couple of clicks, you can find the best women toys on this website. Unlike man, for women, there are hundreds of option available for masturbating and self-pleasure. Some of the best female sex toys include vibrators, anal toys, suction cup, magic wand, spot simulator, etc. Even in the vibrators, one can choose from a ton of varieties such as rabbit vibrators, vibrators dildos.

No matter whether you want G-spot stimulation or Clitoral stimulation or you are looking for the stimulation simultaneously, there are best sex toys you can find all kind of products for all your needs. Moreover, all the products have a lot of variations from which you can choose, all our female sex toys come in different shape, size, and mode of usage such as Electrical, battery operated or Manual.

Female sex toys

Although there are many types of women toys available, the best one still depends upon the kind of the women you are. Some like to pleasure themselves using a vibrator while some just go with the simple dildo, whereas some of the experienced women tend to use automatic machines. Whatever your choice is, or whichever sex toy you are looking for, you will find them all over here. Don't forget to sort all the product by its popularity to find the best female sex toy for yourself.


Among all of the sex toys, vibrators are women's most favorite and widely popular toy. There are many types of powerful vibrators available on this website you can choose from, some of the famous vibrators types include rabbit vibrator, simple vibrator, etc. You can choose the various type of vibrators according to their length, battery charging type, etc. You will find the best powerful vibrator in Gflashy. We have got all types of vibrators where you can adjust the vibration patterns as well as you other vibration settings. You can sort the female vibrators according to the popularity and you will easily find the best vibrators to satisfy yourself.

For beginners, you can start with our mini G-spot vibrators which are best if you are just getting started with vibrators. All of our vibrators are available in various colors and sizes. The rotation vibrators will easily make you scream. Make sure you adjust the speed as per your need and capacity. Also, there is finger vibrator available if you want to have a feeling of fingering as well as want the vibrator. These are automatic vibrator where speed and other vibration settings can be adjusted.

Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit vibrators are the vibrators which have an extra clitoral simulation comes along with it. It stimulates likes rabbit ears, hence it is known as Rabbit vibrators. You can get rabbit vibrator with rotation and without rotation. These rabbit vibrator will definitely please you and make you moan with their exact tongue like licking along with the moving and rotation.

For clitoral stimulation, you can choose anyone from our rabbit vibrator collection. These vibrators have rabbit ears which can be used as a clit stimulator. You can select as per the vibration modes they have or you can select the best one by the charging type. Many of our female sex toys are USB rechargeable making it easier to stimulate sex while watching a video on your laptop. Our multi-function USB rechargeable Clit Vibrator will be the best option for you. You can stimulate clitoral as well as G-Spot at the same time using our most popular Clit vibrators.

For the shower sex lovers, make sure you check the vibrators for Waterproof label. Don't worry you will find many batteries operated waterproof vibrators. Using which you can stimulate your G-spot in the shower. Just turn on the hot shower or sit inside a pool and get ready for an orgasm.

Nipple stimulation

Nipple stimulation is the next level thing that can stimulate the exact licking of your nipples. The breast sucking nipple can stimulate sucking and licking. There are multiple speed options available, you can set it according to your wish. We also have a small size, keychain Nipple stimulator which you can carry anywhere you want. There are various colors, size, and shape available for Nipple Stimulator. There are cup and clip stimulators which can also massage your breast. The speed of the vacuum in the sucker pump can be adjusted.

Other than the Nipple toys, there are various other things available in our stores such as nipple sucker, nipple cover, and Clamps. We have all types of Nipple covers with various attractive colors and shape. Our heart shapes reusable nipple Sleeve are the most popular and one of the widely selling sleeves. There are many different sizes you can choose from. Whether it is a photo shoot or you just want to impress someone special, these are the best options you can try.

We also have clamps with metal or steel. Some of them even come with the Chain attached. You can easily find the best clamps for breast if you want to stimulate bondage or BDSM. There are many different styles of clamps available. Moreover, we have created combos of the best selling clamps keeping mind all the colors and shape just for you. You can buy these combos at an affordable price.

Anal toys

For anal overs, we have got hundreds of anal toys for you. You can get high-quality butt plugs and anal beads in affordable pricing which can give you the best ever experience. Some of our popular anal toys come along with the vibrator which you can use for anal and vaginal stimulation.

For Flirting, you can get a bunny tail in any kind of color you want. There is various size available for the same. You can take a look at our Anal toys section, and choose your favorite anal toy. The anal plugs are available in metal steel or stainless steel. These anal tails and plugs will make your partner beg in front of you. You can also grab a Silicone Anal Plug For Good anal Stimulation or just for flirting.


Female sex toys have a lot more options you can ever imagine. You can get anything you want, starting from the simple dildos to the vibrator dildos. No matter if size matters for you or not, you can get dildos for every size. The silicone dildo will give you the same feeling you get while having real sex. It is the best way to stimulate sex. Also, All the dildos are made using the best material and do not harm you in any way possible.

Dildos have been in the market for a very long time. Even after the invention of many new sex toys, dildos has been a favorite sex toy for many young women. At Gflashy, you will get a variety of Dildos with every size, shape, and color. Alternatively, there are various dongs available which you can use instead of Dildo. You can try our Multi speed jelly dong for G-spot stimulation. You can easily find the best realistic dong, almost the same as the real penis and also has the full potential to give you the best pleasure more than the real one. Some of the dongs are automatic and has a vibrator which is the best combination to make you scream.

Sex machines and Combos

For an overall stimulation of anal, breast, and vagina, you can choose one of our combination pack where we include the best anal sex toy, breast sucker, as well as the best waterproof vibrator. When you order 3 in one sex toys, it will cost you less and you can use the same women toys for multiple stimulations.

Moreover, We have various hands-free sex toys available which include chargeable sex machines for intermediate and advanced women. You can find all of these sex machines at our electrical simulator section. The combos are available with G-spot stimulation toys and Clitoral stimulation toys. Moreover, you can also get the same in double ended toys to stimulate and make lesbian sex more exciting. There are hundreds of toy available for anyone

Lesbian Sex toys

If you are a lesbian and looking for a vibrator you can take a look at our Realistic mini bullet vibrator designed especially for lesbians. It has various styles you can choose from, some of the styles also include an anal plug. The vibrator is battery operated and is available in various size. You can find all of these in our Vibrator section.

Moreover, in Gflashy, you will easily find 2 side strap-on which gives the best experience in lesbian sex. The double ended strap on comes with USB Charging as well as has an inbuilt vibrator fixed. You can either go with the one where a Dildo is attached or get a combo of both of the sex toys. The double ended strap on is our best selling product when it comes to strap-ons. It can stimulate and satisfy both of the partners simultaneously giving them all the reasons to moan. Some of the strap-ons also have a mini vibrator.

Satisfaction and Quality

All the women sex toys on our website are of the best quality and completely safe to use. You won't face any problem in using it. High-quality materials are used to make these women sex toys keeping in mind all the health factors also. Hence, you can freely use these toys as per your need. All of the sex toys have a guide to use it, also when using electrical stimulators or electrical sex toys, make sure you read the proper instructions given. Don't start any appliances at full speed if have not used it before. It is advisable to first check the sex toy at a low speed and increase it gradually as per your need.

All the customers are 100% satisfied with our products, you can order one today and be ready to have an Orgasm. We ship to more than 200 countries with over 7k+ customers and have a total of 11k+ successful orders. We offer 100% safe payment with the most secure payment option.

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