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Anal Beads


Make your booty play more interesting and pleasurable!!

Anal beads are the best sex toys for beginners. These anal beads are made of different sized small spheres attached on a string or a rod. The design is made in a way where the smallest sphere is placed at the top and then as you come down it increases in size. These anal beads give so much more satisfaction than a normal butt plug. There are many types of anal beads. Available in different materials such as silicone, metal, rubber and many other. While also providing different shapes and sizes as well.

How to use anal beads and what do they do?

One should always remember the first and foremost golden rule of using sex toys. Lubrication. Always lubricate the area and then gently insert these anal beads one by one into your partners anus. They will feel a slight tingling sensation at first because of the anus stretching and that is completely normal. Be sure to be very gentle and careful especially when using it for the first time. Unlike butt plugs that makes you feel full and hugely stretches your anus, these anal beads feel very gentle and normal on the skin while also giving you various sexual sensations.

The beauty of these beads lies in the penetration of it. The constant feeling of opening your anus and closing back gives the perfect sensation of sexual arousal and stimulates the nerves around the anus. The sensitive nerve endings around the anus are the reason people get extremely intimate orgasms when penetrate the right way.

Apart from sexual activities, these beads are also helpful in releasing stress and tension stored in your butt area. Since these beads penetrate deep inside your anus it gives you a perfect massage and releases tension from your body. You ever noticed how you can just open and close your anus without touching it? Well that happens because of a good pelvic floor in your body. If left under stress for a long time it can cause damage to your private parts. These anal beads play a nice role in keeping it in good conditions.

The beauty of these beads are that men and women both can enjoy these masturbation spheres. Men can use these beads to stimulate their prostate while women use these to stimulate orgasms. These anal beads are a great option for women who are willing to try anal sex. These light insertion and removal of these beads in the anus gives a nice stimulation and stretch to your anus preparing it for what's coming next.

The next time you masturbate alone or with a partner, try out these amazing anal beads. Apart from dildos which are more vigorously used, these beads are used much more deliberately. Close your eyes and feel the sensations of something entering into your body and it gets bigger in size with each sphere. Slowly and gently opening and contrasting your anus with repetitive motion of penetration. Stay relaxed and feel the sensations and a deep arousal of orgasm which will take you sexual pleasure at the peak. Don't just stop yet, keep penetrating and feeling the sensations through your eyes closed. And then finally experience the goodness of a super aroused orgasm.

Safety tips for anal beads users

Don't ever sleep wearing anal beads or any kind of anal sex toy. When we are unconscious, there is a greater risk of your anus swallowing the entire anal bead which might force you to visit a hospital for removal.

Don't wear anal beads for long duration's. The main concern here is drying out. So make sure you use a nice lube or if you plan to go out wearing a bead always carry a lube bottle handy.

Never share your sex toys and anal beads. 

And the last but not the least, never use a loose anal bead. The possibility of breaking a loose anal bead is very high. And the bead might travel up in your body and create an internal bleeding.

Always check and then use your sex toys.

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