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Rainbow Jewelry


Pride Rainbow Jewelry

At gflashy you have a very large collection of LGBT clothes, flags, stickers and much more. This section is specifically categorized of LGBT pride jewelries. We have pride bracelets and necklaces in so many different shapes and patterns. If don't want to carry big banners and wear T-shirts with large slogans, you can always share your love and support to the LGBT community with these beautiful and affordable pride jewelries.

LGBT Pride Rainbow Necklace

Not only these pride necklaces super cute but these are super adorable too. In round shaped necklaces we have flag lockets, stainless steel crystal lockets, born this way printed metal rainbow lockets. Bright rainbow colored crystal glass lockets, multicolored circles charm lockets. We also have pairs of gay pride couples necklaces and jewelry sets. You also have options in aircraft designs, glass cabochon necklaces, stone gold silver chains and much more.

In rectangular shaped necklaces we have options for you in magnetic couples necklaces, band of colors razor blade necklaces, silver plated art design necklace, titanium choker pendants. Rainbow necklace, lesbian suspended stainless steel necklaces and many more amazing options available. We also have heart shaped, female shaped pride pendants and necklaces.

LGBT Pride Bracelets & Rainbow Jewelry

Wearing rainbow bracelets has always been the fashion trend. Whether you're supporting the LGBT community or just simply want to wear a nice rainbow colored bracelet, these pride bracelets are the best option right now.

We have unisex metal bracelets, key and lock charm bracelets, stainless steel cuban curb bracelets. Steel rainbow magnet bracelets, natural stone and beads buddha bracelets. You also have a lot of options in wrist bands, silicone wrist bands, polyester bands, natural handmade bisexual rainbow colored friendship bracelets and many more.

Want leather bracelets & rainbow jewelry? Look no further!

Our collection of LGBT bracelets have a lot of variety in pure leather bracelets in different shapes and patterns. We have magnet buckle leather bracelets, lucky charm leather bracelets and so many more exciting patterns and pride jewelry with great discounts.

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