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Stimulate her vagina and enhance her orgasm using our Personage Penis Sleeve for Men. The ring can be used raw or with a condom and comes with a 4 different sized Cock Rings. The product is flexible and suitable for all orgasm lovers. With the thread design you are able to enjoy new sensations with your partner, and stimulate the vulva and the clitoris at the same time. Give her the orgasm of her life!

Penis Extensions for G spot is a unique male sex toy feature containing a G spot teaser for her. With an extra protruding touch from the extension, it enables you to reach the G spot while penetrating her to double her pleasure.

With very high ratings, the Crystal penis sleeve for men will give you that feeling of being in control. Give her the orgasm she has never had. Our Penis Sleeves contain 4 Different Barbed Penis Rings. It is made of 100% Polymer non-toxic materials. The ring can be used with a condom or alone and comes with 4 Different Penis Rings plus the product is flexible and suitable for most people.

Crystal Shape Vibrating Penis Sleeves is an absolutely fantastic sex toy that will be give pleasure to you and your partner. This penis sleeve will enable you to get a thicker and longer penis erection and, with the decreased sensitivity, it helps you last longer in bed. Girls, you will get an extra stimulation from the soft tender nodules that cover the entire sleeves.

Tired of all the Set Ups and preparation? Check out our Egyptian Head Delay Penis Sleeve for Men. This is a very simple penis sleeve that will rock your sex life. Made of high quality and durable material, it fits the ultimate full-length penis sleeve. Extend by 1cm it’s a tight fitting and nobbled to improve performance. With a highly durable property, it’s an ideal for extended use. It helps restrict return blood flow for stronger and harder erection. Get the extra girth you need to fully please your partner.

Assorted Reusable Penis Sleeve for Men is one of the most satisfying penis sleeves. Having a comfortable flat base, it’s easy and comfortable to wear. Made of silicone material, contains a round tip that ensures smooth penetration. Made of high quality material and 100% brand new design, it’s the penis sleeve that thousands of men choose.

Get bigger and sexier with the Dotted Penis Enlargement Condom for Adults. With the crystal appearance, it’s sexier for men. Made of silicone material, it’s guaranteed for comfort and very realistic feel. It can strongly stimulate the female yin to enhance her sexual desire. This extender will also prolong ejaculation, allowing you to give her multiple orgasms. This is also a perfect sex toy for male couples.

Clitoris Stimulating Condom for Men is a creative penis sleeve with thorns and lines that increase the pleasure by stimulating the vagina. With an inner thicker wall, you are able to have a longer penis with a wider girth. Made of high quality silicone it contains more features than traditional condoms. Reduced skin sensitivity, it’s the penis sleeve which guarantees you prolonged staying power along as well as being an effective form of contraception.

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