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Penis Sleeves & Extenders


Innovative Penis Extenders and Sleeves For Men

Enjoy a wild and adventurous intercourse with our long lasting penis extenders and sleeves. These extenders will allow you to have a more intense, deep and smooth penetration. It is the ultimate bedroom accessory for men. No need to go under knife or taking hundreds of pills and hours of massaging creams. Extending your girth has been easier than before, a one click solution to enjoying deep penetration, penis extenders.

What are penis sleeves?

Penis sleeves are the same as condoms, they act as barrier sleeves preventing the transmission of HIV’s, illness and unwanted pregnancies. They are soft, stretchy and regular shaped like the condoms. The latex material allows them to be stretched and fits perfectly on your penis. We have a big collection of these penis sleeves and extenders and also provide you with a lot of options in different patterns, styles and lengths.  Simply slide down the sleeve or extender on to your penis and attach the ring under your penis on the ball sack for a better grip and longer erection. Lubricate your penis and thrust all the way deep down inside her. Give her the orgasm of her life!

Want to make her cum like never before?

Stimulating her  g-spot while penetrating her vagina is what gives a women the most pleasure and a splendid orgasm, this penis extender features a g spot teaser that does your job while you enjoy a smooth penetration. The extra protruding touch of this extender doubles her pleasure. Use our personage penis extenders and make her cum like never before. These extenders are extremely flexible and suitable with an amazing thread design that makes room for new intimate sensations to arouse and stimulates the vulva and clitoris all at the same time. It is an amazing product for orgasm lovers.

Brand New Crystal Penis Sleeves For Men

Every man loves the feeling of being in absolute control during intercourse, these crystal penis sleeves gives that perfect feeling you're looking for. There are 4 types of barbed penis ball sack rings in this sleeve.  It is made of 100% Polymer non-toxic materials. It has immense flexibility and elasticity which is suitable for almost every man. We have an option in the crystal sleeves and that is a vibrating crystal shaped penis sleeve. This absolutely amazing sex toy will give a fantastic sexual pleasure to both partners at the same time. The vibrating effect in it allows your girth to be more longer, wider and thicker, you'll experience a more energized erection that lasts longer than normal. Your lady will get that extra stimulation from the soft tender nodules that cover the entire outside of the sleeves.

Tired of all the Set Ups and preparation?

Your solution here is the delay sleeves with Egyptian heads. These are amazingly easy to use penis sleeves and will rock your sex life. The material of these sleeves is durable and high quality, the best part is, this little cutie fits perfectly even on a full big sized penis. Extend by 1 cm it’s a tight fitting and nobbled to improve performance. With a highly durable property, it’s an ideal for extended use. Restricting blood flow this ultimate Egyptian headed penis sleeve gives you that tiny bit of extra girth and strongness you need to fully satisfy your lady in bed.

Reusable Penis Sleeves

Reusable and comfortable penis sleeves/condoms are the most satisfying sleeves out there. Having a comfortable flat base, it’s easy and comfortable to wear. These sleeves are made of pure silicone material and nice round flat tip that ensures a smoother and deeper ride. The comforting design and reusable properties on this sleeve makes it more like-able for men to choose this one.

Dotted Penis enlargement Condoms

These brand new dotted penis enlarging condoms are a new sensation among adults. The TPE silicone material ensures that the product is comforting and gives a very real and natural penetration. Extra dots on the outside stimulates and arouses a women's sexual desire even more. The longer you're hard the more pleasure you can give her, this sleeve will ensure that you have a prolonged ejaculation allowing you to give her a super intimate orgasm for a couple of times. This dotted penis sleeve is also a perfect sex toy for male couples to enjoy with.

Clitoris Stimulating Condom

This amazingly attractive and creative penis sleeve has a lot of features and benefits that a traditional plain condom. This sleeve guarantees you a longer and thicker erection and power. The TPE silicone material in this sleeve gives you a thick inner wall along with lines and thorns on the outside. The thick inner wall reduces the penis skin sensitivity hence allowing you to have a prolonged erection. The outer design of this sleeve stimulates the vagina in an unstoppable manner resulting in highly increased sexual pleasure.

Preventive Measures:

Do not rush to wear a condom when you experience a full or partial erection. Never use dry hands to remove a condom or a sleeve out of it's packaging, using buttery hands is the best option. Be delicate and gentle when wearing the condom, avoid scratching and strong motions. For smooth and easy wear and penetration, it is ideal to always lubricate the inside along with the outside of the sleeve. Latex condoms and sleeves tends to dilute and break when applied oil based lubricants, therefore, it is advised to always use a water based lubricant when using a latex sleeve. When not placed correctly there is always a risk of condom falling out or left inside your partners orifice during penetration, to avoid this, make sure to smooth it out and tapping it to remove air bubbles from the inside.

Always practice safe sex to prevent any diseases and illness, prevention is always better than cure! Go ahead find the perfect match for your pleasure and enjoy the wild adventurous ride with your partner!

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