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Sex Swings and Furniture


Adventurous Sex Swings And Sex Furniture's

Sex swings: are a great accessory to have if you're not into hardcore bondage. These can be enjoyed by all and also has plenty of amazing benefits. These pleasure swings allows you to move your partner easily in any position you desire. Not only you can more them, there are also an endless stream of possibilities for you to try different sex positions using the swings. We have an amazing collection of sex swings available for you at just a click of a button.

Sex furniture: basically anything furniture you have sex on counts as a sex furniture. But specialized sex furniture's give a much more joyful experience than normal kitchen tables or benches. These special chairs, customized beds and cushions are specifically designed to provide enhanced sexual experience while also giving you much better comfort.

What is a sex swing?

A sex swing is swing but with more features such as leg holders and hanging straps. There are a lot of shapes in these swings but mostly the hanging partner will either be fully or partially reclined when on a swing. The standing partner gets access to the body of their swinging partner as they seem to get a firm ground. These types of suspension sex gives a much more joyful experience to both of the partners.

How to use sex swings?

Sex swings are fairly easy to use and operate. Ankle and Wrist restraints make it easy to adjust to a variety of sexual positions. These Swings are made from the same material used in parachutes and has amazing tensile strength. The comfortable soft liner on the Swing and Ergonomic design makes it easy to adjust positions. Enjoy a whole new level of play and angles that are hard to achieve in a bed.

It is very quick to set up and easy to release. Simply put the tubes over and under the door then close the door to secure it in place. No screws, glue or DIY efforts are needed. It’s a perfect way for fun loving couples to explore new positions and enjoy role playing. It comes with straps and can be configured to enable multiple sex positions. Built-in restraints add an extra level of fantasy to your role play. Both of you won’t want play time to end!

How does sex furniture help?

Ever experienced a moment  where you did enjoyed an amazing sex but you back or your hip started to ache later on? That is exactly what happens when you have intercourse on a hard surface or in a wrong angle. Sex furniture's allow you to avoid muscle pulls, backaches, joint pains and many more similar problems. A sex furniture will be that cute little piece of cushion or a chair in your home that you would secretly use for your personal sexual desires.

Types of sex swings available

Our store is filled with endless options of sex products available for you to experiment with. We have door hanging adult sex swing with hooks, sponge fabric swings, pendulum sway swings, Leather sex swing with stand, nylon shoulder hanging swing for couples, adjustable nylon swings for bondage lovers and many more exciting options available for you.

Types of sex furniture's available

Some of the best sex furniture's available here are luxury pillow cum sofa pads, inflatable stylish cushions, half circle rubber cushion, black luxurious bondage sofa, pleasure wedge pillows, sponge sofa for sex, s type sofa's and a lot more.


We also have bed binding restraints for bondage slave, stainless steel sex swing tripod stent, padded leather suspension hand gloves, PVC bed sheet, rubber balls, steel stool with hand rails,  plastic hand air pump for sex pillows.

No more waiting, find the perfect sex toy for you and own it today!!

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