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In a perfect world, you’d be having sex right now but we live in the real world where sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands. When it comes to technology and male masturbation orgasm you’ve got lots of options in our online shop.Don’t let the girls have all the fun – we have a huge range of adult toys online for you guys including masturbation sleeves, vibrating masturbators, and performance-enhancing aids from penis extenders, cock rings for increased size and hardness and delay sleeves for prolonged pleasure for both of you.Having high product ratings, our penis sleeves will give you that feeling of control. Give her an orgasm like she has never had before. Our crystal Penis Sleeve contains 4 different barbed penis rings. Most importantly, It is a 100% brand new design and made of Polymer non-toxic materials. The ring can be used with condom or alone and comes with 4 different penis rings plus the product is flexible and suitable for most people.You love anal? So don’t worry we didn’t leave you out. We’ve got male prostate massagers, anal plugs & masturbators for men which offer a unique experience from the anus, perineum up to the prostate. Why not try something new? We have diverse types and different colors available in our online store.With our range of ultra-realistic artificial vaginas you can’t have any reason for feeling lonely when your partner is away. Experience the real vagina tightness. You can adjust according to the size you need, giving you an orgasm like you are so deep inside her. Our products are unique because they not only give you best orgasms but also help you last longer in bed and stay harder as well.If we can’t read your mind then at least we know you love having fun. It’s time to take the fun up a notch with a cock ring that will help you rule the bedroom. Our online male sex toys offer cock rings for delaying orgasm and controlling premature ejaculation. We love our clients and trust us satisfactory is our top priority.Do you want to give her the perfect orgasm? Our top selling Penis enlargement vibrator for men is here to the rescue. Using the outgassing principle, it will extend your penis to get harder and bigger! Using technology, one inserts the penis inside and pumps to create a vacuum which engorges the penis.Check out our new arrival – the inflatable sex doll is a male sex toy for every man. In fact, this product is so highly rated that every woman on the planet should get worry. With a standing height of about 160cm and measurements of 80/58 / 85cm it can withstand 300 lbs pressure. In some dolls the breasts can be injected with warm water to create an extremely life-like breast feel. Our sex dolls can be penetrated vaginally and anally.Masturbation with your hands is so yesterday! Introducing the Penis Vibrator Masturbation Cup Stimulator Sex toy for Men. This penis vibrating machine can bring the normal experience to a whole new level. Very soft material gives you a chance to use your own pace and provide the perfect orgasm. This will leave you blowing your load every now and then like never before.As a man, you have probably seen a myriad of sex toys made for her and have been wondering ‘what happened to Male sex Toys?’ It would not be complete if we miss out Penis Extensions for G spot. This is a unique male sex toy feature containing a G spot teaser for her. With an extra protruding touch from the extension, it enables you to reach on the G spot while penetrating her. She will never want to say no!Male Masterbator Silicone Vagina is made of high-quality silicone material. It contains an air hole design that you can adjust it whether you want it tight or loose. It has a realistic Vagina/Anal shape which feels like the real thing. Apply a small amount of lubricant or wear the condom on when using.

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