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Body Stockings


Sexy hosiery and body stockings

Since the invention of stockings and pantyhose, almost every women replaced their garters with these hosiery since they were fairly easy to wear, extremely light, gentle and eliminated an undergarment from daily wear.

These stockings make you look sleek and polished since most of them are available in the exact match skin tone, however, when put together it can also make you look sexy and exotic in the bedroom.

Since the release of these hosiery, many different styles and patterns have been introduced to the market. Our range includes net tights, fishnet tights, and fishnet tights with crystal rhinestones, transparent black stockings, plain super elastic nylon stockings, velvet fabric panties, silk polka dot stockings and more.

Since the 1990s women started to adapt to the idea of bare legs since wearing a stocking can be a bit trouble when visiting the rest room.

We offer you these hot erotic open crotch stockings available in different styles and colors to help you enjoy a sexy outwear paired with a hot open crotch stocking without the hassle of removing it entirely when going to the restroom.

Safest, Fastest and Free Delivery System

With the ever changing online business, there is always a risk of being pirated or hacked. In this cruel world of piracy, we offer you the safest and world renowned payment gateways. You can now buy with confidence cause our payment methods are all SSL secured, no need to worry about getting hacked or robbed. Our sex toys shipments are all discreet. No branding and labeling will be done on those cargo’s to ensure that our customer’s privacy is never to be violated.

We currently hold a record of thousands of fast, successful international deliveries with 100% customer satisfaction rate. You can never go wrong when buying products from 

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