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Sex Toys for Couples


Buy Quality Sex Toys For Couples

Couples can now enjoy romantic bedtime and outdoor pleasures on the go with our quality sex toys for couples. Clearly, It doesn’t matter whether you are a new couple or one trying to explore new avenues for maximum pleasure. Our range of sex toys will help you start enjoying sex on a whole new level.

For example, new couples looking to sex explore can access our adult store for our sex kits offering. Our range of sex kits for couple sex include harness kits, butt plug, couple vibrators and remote controlled vibrating underwear. Now, couples can begin to explore new sexual fantasies together.

More so, couples can find new stimulating sex positions using our Sex Pillow – an inflatable Magic Wedge Pillow for Couples. The sex pillow gives room for couples to try out their favorite sex positions and experiment during sex. In fact, it can be cleaned easily using water, so you can get as messy as you like. It’s inflatable by mouth within a couple of minutes and is also portable.

Erotic Couple Sex Toys

Erotic Toy 8pcs/Set Bondage Vibrator Restraint Slave Game Sex Toys for Couples guarantees you a unique experience like you’ve never felt before. Also, It Includes a whip, blindfold and cuffs, and the set is available in both blue and pink colors.

In addition, our range of Flirting Furniture which includes Sex Swings and Chairs, can help add spice to your sex life. Available in a colorful leopard print, this product does not need a triangle swing frame or spring. The Swing was made with the same material as used in parachutes and has great tensile strength. The comfortable soft liner on the Swing and Ergonomic design makes it easy to adjust positions for various postures. With this, you can enjoy more level of play and movements that can’t be done easily in a bed.

With our Sex Pillow, an inflatable Magic Wedge Pillow for Couples, you can begin to explore new and stimulating sex positions with your partner and discover new ways to get penetrative sex. The Sex Pillow is portable, flexible and can be easily cleaned using water. Our Erotic Bondage Vibrator Restraint Slave Game Sex Toys for Couples guarantees you a unique experience like you’ve never felt before. With a whip, blindfold, cuffs included, you are definitely about to take your sex life to a whole new level.

For couples looking to spice things up romantically, our range of Flirting Furniture, such as Sex Swings and Chairs are available in colorful prints, bringing that needed sexual ambience and making it easy to adjust positions for various sexual postures. Now you can begin to explore and enjoy more romantic foreplay and sex positions that wouldn’t have been possible on the bed or couch.

Sex Kits & Massagers

Not sure which individual products to buy? Why not try one of our complete kits featuring Vibrators, Sex Swing set and G-Spot Clitoris Massager. It’s one of the perfect kits for couples. Now, you can make your partner feel you by pushing the right buttons on her. With the G-Spot Clitoris Massager you can bring even more pleasure to satisfy her crave. With the Sex swings, you can combine restraints through domination/submission to access positions that would be difficult otherwise. She will love being at your mercy.

Adult Diary Door Swing Handcuffs Sex Toys for Couples completes the missing puzzles in your sex life. It has 2 strong cuffs with Velcro fastenings that attach with trigger clips to the straps. It is very quick to set up and easy to release. It’s probably so popular for that reason. Enjoy new experiences using the Adult Diary door swing with handcuffs. To start simply put the tubes over and under the door then close it. No screws, glue or DIY efforts are needed. It’s a perfect way for fun loving couples to explore new positions and enjoy role playing.

Anal Couple Sex Toys

Tired of vanilla? Well then, we have something just for you too. The Black Medical Silicone Butt Plug for Men/ Women - this is a butt plug with 10 vibration settings to touch all your favorite spots. Modified with a water resistance property, it’s very durable and easily cleaned. Reignite the flame using one of these sex toys for couples.

For couples looking to explore each other’s bodies, the Black Medical Silicone Butt Plug for Men and Women is perfect and would have you filled up with pleasure in no time, with the vibration able to be set as high or low as you want it. You can get each other plugged in and tuned up with a bullet vibrator for more sexual pleasure.

Couples who like to keep it classy can have the intimate Metal Anal Plug with Crystal Jewelry Smooth-Touch Butt Plug for Men and Women. This Anal Plug is made of good quality Aluminum alloy designed to last a lifetime. It effectively increases sensitivity, enhances lasting orgasm and is portable for use anywhere. This anal plug promises bouts of orgasmic pleasure for both couples to enjoy.

Other range of Butt plugs include the Vibrating Urethral Plug for Men & Women. These Butt Plugs brings new features for couples, with unique sensations that will have you on cloud 9.

Sex Swings & Vibrators

For couples who want to do more sex plays and explore sensitive parts of their bodies, the combination of Sex Swings and Couple Vibrators will do wonders during sex. With our Vibrators, you would get the perfect Sex Toys for couples looking to up the pleasure. Now, you can begin to push the right buttons and get your partner on cloud 9 in no time. The Sex swings will help you combine restraints and domination for better sex positions while the G Spot Clitoris Massager will help the Mrs enjoy even more pleasure. Add to the mix some vibrating panties and she will enjoy extreme bouts of sexual pleasure.

For more domination/submission sex, couples could try our Adult Diary Door Swing Handcuffs Sex Toys. This is the missing puzzle for an amazing couple sex life with no holds barred. Featuring two strong cuffs with Velcro fastenings that are attached with trigger clips to the straps, this couple sex toy is easy to set up and will have fun-loving couples enjoy new sexual role playing and explore several sex positions like never before.

Remote-Controlled Vibrating Underwear

Looking to step up your sexual foreplay? Check out our remote controlled vibrating underwear for couples. This accessory help couples set the sexual tone through remote foreplay even before their partner is around. With the remote controlled vibrating underwear, you can get your partner in the mood ahead of time. Imagine having to control your partner’s sexual mood and get them running back to you for some strong orgasmic pleasure? Only a trial will help you live that sexual feeling.

Our remote controlled underwear comes in a range of style and colors; from vibrating panties to pleasure bikinis. You could pick a color that matches your partner’s and just enjoy the fun of remote controlled sexual teasing.

Magic Wands & Masturbators

For couple masturbation, our magic wand help couples explore their bodies to find new spots for more sexual pleasure. You can help her stimulate some clitoral legs and help him stimulate his balls and anus during foreplay. Our magic wands come in different shapes and with several positioned stimulators to help you reach and touch the most stimulating spots and achieve better pleasure.

Now, couples wouldn’t even need to second guess which spots provide the best stimulation for her or for him. Just plug, play and enjoy heavy bouts of orgasm.

G-Spot & Clitoral Stimulators

We offer even more quality sex accessories for couples. These include penis vibrators for delayed ejaculation, Soft Silicone Tongue Clitoral Stimulator and G-Spot finger vibrators. Couples could use these combination to fire up their sex lives and explore more sexual pleasure. For men who want to enjoy more heightened pleasure, our penis vibrators and cock rings hold up well. Now you can stay in the mood and last longer without ejaculating too early.

The combination of the Tongue Clitoral Stimulator and G-Spot finger vibrator can help you work her vagina to maximum pleasure. You’ll definitely have her craving for more. The Soft Silicone Tongue Stimulator is a healthy choice that gives almost the same pleasure as a real tongue. The G-Spot finger vibes comes in 4 sets for four fingers. This offers the flexibility to reach and stimulate her G-Spot until she moans in pleasure.

Finally, no matter what couple sex adventure or oral sex you are looking to try out, our range of sex toys for couples gives you the chance to explore different sexual fantasies. You can start to enjoy better sex like never before, because couple sex shouldn’t be a one-way street. Now, you can spice things up beneath the sheets and add more flavor to your sex lives.

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