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Enjoy new and stimulating sex positions with your partner using our Sex Pillow – an inflatable Magic Wedge Pillow for Couples. The sex furniture pillow provides for all your favorite sexual positions. And since it can be cleaned easily using water you can be as messy as you like. It’s inflatable by mouth within a couple of minutes and is also portable.

Erotic Toy 8pcs/Set Bondage Vibrator Restraint Slave Game Sex Toys for Couples guarantees you a unique experience like you’ve never felt before. Including a whip, blindfold, cuffs and more the set is available in both blue and pink colors. Are you ready to take it to a new level?

Why not try our range of Flirting Furniture - Sex Swings and Chairs. Available in a colorful leopard print this product does not need a triangle swing frame or spring. The Swing was made with the same material as used in parachutes and has great tensile strength. The comfortable soft liner on the Swing and Ergonomic design makes it easy to adjust positions for various postures. Enjoy a whole new level of play and movements that can’t be done easily in a bed.

Not sure which individual products to buy? Why not try one of our complete kits such as the Vibrator / Sex Swing set with G Spot Clitoris Massager. It’s one of the perfect kits for couples. Make your partner feel you, push the right buttons on her buy using G Spot Clitoris Massager which provides double pleasure for her. Sex swings are a great way to combine restraints and domination/submission with positions and access that would be difficult otherwise. She will love being at your mercy.

Adult Diary Door Swing Handcuffs Sex Toys for Couples completes the missing puzzles in your sex life. It has 2 strong cuffs with Velcro fastenings that attach with trigger clips to the straps. It is very quick to set up and easy to release. It’s probably so popular for that reason. Enjoy new experiences using the Adult Diary door swing with handcuffs. To start simply put the tubes over and under the door then close it. No screws, glue or DIY efforts are needed. It’s a perfect way for fun loving couples to explore new positions and enjoy role playing.

Tired of vanilla? Well then, we have something just for you too. Black Medical Silicone Butt Plug for Men/ Women - this is a butt plug with 10 vibration settings to touch all your favorite spots. Modified with a water resistance property, it’s very durable and easily cleaned. Reignite the flame using one of these sex toys for couples.

Finally, for people who like to keep it classy, we have the intimate Metal Anal Plug with Crystal Jewelry Smooth-Touch Butt Plug for Men/Women which is made of good quality Aluminum alloy designed to last a lifetime. Effectively increasing sensitivity and enhancing lasting orgasm as well as being portable, anal plug toys are available both for men and women.

Vibrating Urethral Plug for Men & Women brings a new sensation for couples looking for sex toys. These sex toys contain unique features which will make you feel like a like you’re on cloud 9.

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